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11.18.2012 , 11:42 PM | #10
I don't like this at all, why shouldn't it benefit all players? When it said it won't stack with other buff, I thought it meant you couldn't stack different type of xp boost- such flashpoint, major xp buff, valor, etc. not rest xp. The first one makes sense, but this just makes them pointless for most subs players. I wonder how many people donít know this and are using xp buff while still having rest xp, and wasting them.

I totally was going to use one of the minor space mission buff for an alt, but seeing she been sitting in rest zone all this time she got a ton of rest xp. I'd have to fly like 400 or more space mission to use it up, not including any she gains while standing in her ship (or when get off). I hope this is bug or they change it.