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11.18.2012 , 10:36 PM | #25
Things I would like to see:

*Space/Ships": The ability to control my ship, and actually fly it in open Space sectors. It would be very cool if we could also include pvp in space, and also have "Quests" to do throughout the differant Space Sectors.

Sorry but the "Space Content" we have in this game right now is frankly a bad joke......that should have been left out of an MMO. In its current state it is more suited to a 1st person shooter game.

Open World PvP Ideas: a lotta people have come up with some very good idea's for open World pvp. This topic has already been thrashed to bits. Maybe one day BW will actually start to include some form of Open world pvp content into this game. cynically though I am not holding my breath that this will happen any time in the near future.

BW has in the past "promised" stuff on this subject, in the past then failed to ever follow through on it, mainly because of other "issues" associated with open world pvp. (lag for one...servers not being able to handle large amounts of people in one area, and so on.)

Player Housing, & Decorating I would love to see some form of player housing, and decorating included into this game. And please...NO....Ships are not Houses. They are ships.

I am a big fan of decorating out Houses, and ships for my toons. It gives me something else to work on in-game, other than the usual "killing a trillon NPC's for so many cooms" Story (and also me crafting which I do enjoy! oh and also pvp)