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and again, i do feel like i have to stress this this part, if subs was enough to keep this game a float, why did it undergo a f2p conversion?

please answer this question, and thanks in advance

This game was the most expensive game in history. 200 Million dollars and what happened? Last minute BIoware Austin decided to focus on the cockroaches of the MMO world the Hardcore Minority. Bioware Austin had almost all its staff laid off for their poor, poor, poor, poor choices. Hell the CEO of EA was almost replaced and EA's stock dipped down big time because of Bioware Austin. The Doctors quit in shame because of their poor choices.

This game was supposed to be a casual game instead what happened? Money was spent and the game day 1 had tons of glitches from using the Hero Engine instead of making an Engine in house. Then stupid events like the Guild Summit to focus on the cockroaches the Hardcore Minority.

It took 200 people and major designers to be fired for EA to get it's point across that a dungeon finder was needed. but to further stick it to everyone they kept the dungeon finder and refused to make it cross server and that resulted in 100 more people being fired and the doctors resigning in shame.