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11.18.2012 , 08:30 PM | #24
1.More things to do in your own ship.(I.E. mini games or abilities to interact with other online players and friends)

2.More options to interact with online players and friends on the fleet(I once read on the forums someone would like to be able to sit in a chair.That would be cool for people who group and wait.Little things like that can add immersion)

3.Option to choose what level and game type you would like to play in warzones.(This would be really effective when the devs add more maps to warzone playlists.No rush for this,but this would really catch a lot of attention,especially with ex-players of swtor)

4.Keep up the cartel market.Add more lightsaber colors,Rare items,Collectibles,Pets,Vehicles,Armor,Weapons,etc .(I really like the cartel market,not only because it gives me another reason to be a continual subscriber,but it does add variety to the game in cool ways)

5.Another Huttball level!!(Do i really need to elaborate any further?)