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"Trillions of battle droids"? Hardly guys. He doesn't have that many. Not even a one one-hundredth of that. I wonder if anyone even watches TCW. I believe in one episode, those of the Banking Clans stated something along the lines of; "Well the Separatists just applied for a loan to commission another three-million battle droids." To which one of the Republic Senators cried out "Three million?! They'll wipe us out!"

If three-million droids is all it takes to threaten the Republic at that point, it's truly a sad, sad day in SW.

Now, with the Kaggath, even as it is a battle which includes power bases, if Grievous is killed, it doesn't matter how much of his power base is left, as without him it's an auto-loss. You could think of it like Chess. Once the King is captured, it doesn't matter how many pieces you still have left on the board. You've already lost. Malgus wrecks Grievous in combat. There's no question. And as far as armies go...

Even if you remove the Foundry level from Malgus' station, that only means he doesn't have an infinitely spawning army of droids. He still has an invisible, undetectable armada of ships, and his space station is invisible as well. Plus he has numerous alliances with non-human species who all serve him, as well as scientists that continue to devise and create weapons for him. This includes technology from the Colicoids.

All Grievous has are droids, droids and, guess what? More droids. That's it. He has no super-weapons, aside from that super ion-cannon on the Malevolence, which can be easily taken out by a fighter squadron. And when you have squadrons of invisible ships, Grievous has zero chance of winning in that kind of battle.

Grievous is a coward. Flat out. He never fights 1v1 unless he is assured victory. And when it becomes clear he won't win, he either runs away or calls in droids to intervene and pressure his opponent so he can get an opening. Malgus will take him apart.
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