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This is the abridged tale of Dawn's beginnings, I hope you enjoy or find it useful.

After many years fighting for the Republic on the front lines as well as working behind the scenes, Lucus Sorrell had a front row seat to many of the horrific events that have taken place during the war with the Sith Empire, all of which have left him asking the question “Who is helping those left in the aftermath?”

Initially addressing this issue with his old Master, who like the Council later would, dismissed Lucus’ concern as a ‘narrow’ viewed one. The young Jedi found himself withdrawing from the order socially as he began questioning more and more about both the Order and the Republic. Out of concern for his well being, Lucus’ old Master insisted the young Knight return to the field in order to help better focus use his time and talents, however Lucus felt this was more of a way for the order to get him out of the temple and away from the more ‘impressionable’ students of the order.

Little did Lucus or his Master know, but it was this action that would lead Lucus to meet Jedi Master Annais Twilight, while acting as Jedi Healer for troops on a besieged world the Republic was desperately trying to hang on to. Despite the difference in age the two seemed to connect rather easily and it was within Annais that Lucus saw his first ally in what he was slowly realizing was his true calling in life. It was also this connection that gave Lucus the final push he needed to convince himself that it was time to do something about his concerns and doubts, thus he decided to form the Organization that would become, Dawn.

Calling Master Annais, Major Gythar and Major Theryn to Tython, Lucus informed them of his intention to form a galaxy spanning organization with the main focus of assisting those forgotten, over looked or abandoned by the Jedi Order and the Republic as they fought off the Sith Empire. After a lengthy discussion the four came to a mutual agreement and unofficially, officially formed under the name Dawn.

Giving not only a new home but also a new purpose, Dawn utilized the collective strengths of the misplaced refugees from both Republic and non Republic worlds to create an underground network of information and cooperation that allowed Dawn to be active in every corner of the galaxy, a protective shield to those in need or simply a helping hand.

Years have passed since the day Gythar, Annais, Lucus and Theryn gathered on Tython and formed Dawn, in that time Dawn has grown in size vastly, becoming a considerably military force and influential presence within both the underworld and in the Republic, despite remaining hidden from the public eye.

Master Lucus Sorrell

Dawn is now extending it's arms once again to welcome those new to the Old Republic and returning veterans alike.

Join us for regular activities, PvP, Operations and of course, RP.

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