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11.18.2012 , 06:43 PM | #1
When the F2P service came out as Collectors Edition players we were meant to get a "Heroes' Banner". However you only seem to get one on making a new character. Because of this i can make multiple new chars and send them to my other chars.

What adds insult to injury though is that the item isnít bound or only usable by CE players, so I could or anyone could just send them to anyone, thus making our CE special reward even more WORTHLESS.

This just adds the sour cherry to the top of the already bad tasting ice cream that you had said you would be adding more items to the CE vendor and VIP vendor in the VIP room, and have added nothing since launch.

I seriously wonder why I even bothered to buy the CE version of the game at launch when all we got was a single set of armour to ourselves, and a companion pet if we wanted to buy them.

Will I and other CE players actually be getting something for ourselves to make up for this load of rubbish and broken promises we have had to put up with?