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It's not true that they gave any priority to length of play or subscriptions when choosing who got to keep the name. In several cases I know of, a person kept the name who was low level, hadn't played in a long time, and wasn't subscribed, while the person with the same name who had been subscribed since pre-order and was higher level and more recently played as well had to change it. In at least one case I personally had to change one character's name twice, my first one to get his legacy, and I'd been subscribed since a week after beta; and he had to change when I did the voluntary transfer and then again when they merged more people onto that server.

I'm pretty sure it was entirely random and those who kept most of their names just got lucky.

NONE of my names I had to change were in any way related to star wars lore, at least not that I know of. I had to change "Myles" "Daman" "Cryss" "Marsh" "Nil" "Lethe" and several others -- Daman and Lethe being fairly high level and played since the first week of the game... I don't care for the alt letters so I mostly just changed or added a letter (Daman became Daiman, Cryss became Tryss, Nil became Nilu) or just gave them a completely different name with the same basic theme (Lethe became Nepenthe).
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