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11.18.2012 , 06:15 PM | #30
[QUOTE=CommanderKeeva;5432975]I play a Sniper and I don't feel overpowered at all, let me tell you. Because this is a ranged class, big shock, it does awesome ranged damage. Get close in my face, when my def cd's are on cd, and see for yourself how long I will last against your undying rage. Tankasins I especially hate because they can speed right up to me, taunt and reduce my damage by 30% then vanish and stab me in the back.

Or Scrapper Scoundrels or Concealment Operatives can wreak havoc on my HP. It's really easy to sneak up on a stationary Sniper, whereupon I can taste their yummy Acid Blade/Flechette Round empowered Shoot First followed by a nasty Sucker Punch/Flying Fists.

Each class has it's strengths and weaknesses (except for commandos/mercs they mostly have weaknesses). I was killed by melee more than once and I have killed quite a few snipers on my various melee characters. Snipers can be countered, just like every other class.

Want to cry about nerfing a class? I recommend starting with the 7k lolsmashers/sweepers.[/QUOT

Your correct no nerf.

Knights/Warriors should be able to jump into an area right next to a Sniper/Gunslinger, just like a Trooper firing off a Mortar Volley.