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Ladies and Gentlemen,

If you do not find the bubble spec has become an exploit you don't PvP enough, Ranked Warzones on our server has ceased to be competitive when 8 people know how to use the bubble to there advantage.

If it was only a "defensive ability" for you, it wouldn't be a problem. But it gives your whole team a free, instant, on demand, 3 second AOE hard stun that doesn't respect the GCD, and doesn't add the correct amount of resolve. Oh, and has a 17 sec CD?

No one is saying that Sorcs/Sages don't need this as a defensive CD, or that the bubbles blind should be removed. It's the fact that it's now a hard stun and only adds the resolve of a Mez, and that it can be cast on your whole team and clicked off at will for the stun. Its the fact that it turns your whole team into a mass stun team.

BW know it isn't adding the correct amount of resolve. They know it's turning sub par teams all over the place into un-killable stun machines. And it's just a matter of time before the ability gets fixed.

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