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Quote: Originally Posted by darthmorbous View Post DCUO; Age Of Conan , GW2 you can REALLY get better. Here too actually but here is this Gear>Skill problem.
but thats also alright if you want that kind of progression.
I play all those games. I LOVE the combat from DCUO , there is no better than that Imho, mouse clicks and holds for weaps + a few slots for powers/skills + active blocking, dodging anti cc and good power management. also some gear progression. Age of Conan gave me carpal tunnel, its combat is great too, but after 1.5 is more gear oriented; still VERY skill based. GW2 is the perfect blend of eeverything above , and swtor is traditional.
I play Swtor cause i like to win **** that makes me op sometimes lol; when i wanna relax.
So i sub here and play the others for free. its healthy.
DCUO was terrible lol. No wonder why you're bad at this game.