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If your sniper rifle is orange (moddable) don't forget that you can spend your planetary commendations to buy barrel, mod and enhancement in order to upgrade it.

As for your question, here is a copy/paste from another post of mine:
- you can only have one crafting skill (so you cannot make both armors and weapons, you have to pick one)
- a self sufficient character would have: a crafting skill + a gathering skill + a mission skill
- they are listed in your codex (shortcut "L", select "Codex" tab at the bottom) in the crew skills chapter. For each skill, you have the list of the other compatible skills.

for example, armormech (crafting) + scavenging (gathering) + underworld trading (mission)

From a leveling point of view
- armormech for the armor pieces or even the odd orange gear schematic you can pick along
- armstech for the barrels (since they're expensive to buy with planetary commendations). Also for the weapons for your companions and your offhands.
- biochem for the stim and medpack
- cybertech for the armoring, mods, droid parts and ship upgrade components (if you like to do space missions)

From an endgame point of view:
- biochem is good to make your own stims /adrenals
- cybertech for your own armoring/mods
- slicing for the 1-click quick money return (if you don't like to craft and sell on the GTN), or the purple missions you can use or sell, or the purple component for augments
- armstech and armormech for the augments crafting

Enhancements are made with the artifice skill but for a non Force user it's not worth picking unless you want to sell hilt and cristal to Force users...