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11.18.2012 , 05:34 PM | #9
Sooooo you stopped playing the game all together and thought that your common names you had for your characters would be unique enough that no one else on any other server would have them? Is that right? Then, when you heard about all of the server merges and how it would directly affect names, you still decided to let yours idle in a non-existent state. Correct still?

Sorry to tell you this then, but it is your loss. Change your names, change some letters around, or next time create character with non-common names and be a bit unique. I had to rename one character of mine of which I figured would have been the only one. At that, I only changed one letter. I even kept my legacy name and guild name. Why, because I decided not to go with the most common name that everyone would be running around with and decided to be a bit creative. Oh yeah, I was there since closed beta back in June of last year.