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Quote: Originally Posted by NogueiraA View Post
Stop looking at mara's and powertechs for a few minutes. Look at snipers...
No, it's not a QQ thread, because I have 4 toons valor 60+ and a sniper valor 52.

Let's look at the defensive abilities sniper's have.

- Cover - You cant jump him.

- Entrench - immune of ALL control abilities, lasts 20 seconds... 20 seconds IMMUNE of all CC's, knockbacks, whatever... Force Shroud lasts 5 secs.. 45 secs cooldown.

- Debilitate - stun the target for 4 seconds, NOT breaks on damage. 45 secs coodown.
- Flashbang - stun the target for 8 seconds, breaks on damage. 1 min cooldown.

- Leg Shot - instant root, lasts 5 seconds, breaks if damage after 2 seconds... He can use leg shot, shoot you before 2 seconds, you can do nothing and you will wait more 3 seconds until the root finish. 16 secs cooldown.

- Shield Probe - Absorb damage for 15 seconds. 45 secs cooldown.

- Evasion - dodge melee and ranged atacks by 100% chance, lasts 3 seconds. 1 min cooldown.

- Ballistic Shield - deploys a giant shield reducing the damge taken for you and all allies by 20%, lasts 15 secs. 3 min cooldown.

- Cover Pulse - knocks your target to the moon, AND root 5 seconds. Breaks if damage after 2 seconds, he can shoot you before 2 seconds, you can do nothing and you will wait more 3 seconds until the root finish. 30 secs cooldown.

- Shatter Shot - Reduce the target armor by 20% for 45 secs. Inflicts Trauma for 9 secs and reduce all healing the target receives by 20%. 5 secs cooldown.

- Ambush knockback - Marksmanship has a 1 point talent: When Ambush strikes a target within 10 meters, the target is knocked back several meters.

So 11 defensive tools, a LOT OF damage, you guys know how much hurts each shoot from a sniper. He can kill you in 3 GCD.

Seriously Bioware, this class NEEDS a huge nerf.

"just LOS him"... No, melee class has no gap closer against snipers.
L2P? Ok, roll a melee and try to kill a sniper.

English i'ts not my first language, sorry for mistakes.
I play a Sniper and I don't feel overpowered at all, let me tell you. Because this is a ranged class, big shock, it does awesome ranged damage. Get close in my face, when my def cd's are on cd, and see for yourself how long I will last against your undying rage. Tankasins I especially hate because they can speed right up to me, taunt and reduce my damage by 30% then vanish and stab me in the back.

Or Scrapper Scoundrels or Concealment Operatives can wreak havoc on my HP. It's really easy to sneak up on a stationary Sniper, whereupon I can taste their yummy Acid Blade/Flechette Round empowered Shoot First followed by a nasty Sucker Punch/Flying Fists.

Each class has it's strengths and weaknesses (except for commandos/mercs they mostly have weaknesses). I was killed by melee more than once and I have killed quite a few snipers on my various melee characters. Snipers can be countered, just like every other class.

Want to cry about nerfing a class? I recommend starting with the 7k lolsmashers/sweepers.