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11.18.2012 , 04:58 PM | #1
So, i started off in Beta testing and was subbed for several months when i had to cancel do to financial problems. As the game went to a "free" to play model, i figured i'd be okay to just log in and play some story just to finish those off, but to my surprise, my characters all need to be renamed? One of which is my standard chat handle, so i can't really see anyone using that specific name for anything but sure enough, he's got the red exclaimation point as well. Is this just something to do with the whole pay to win mentality or did they just favor those who were paying when they mergered servers? I was thinking about resubbing, but if i had to rename all of my characters just because they did a poor server transfer, i'd rather not just so i don't end up being "name324!@#" as aany let alone ALL characters. It sucks that the Legacy name doesn't help to keep your names valid either but hey, when i was subbing it really didn't do anything any way lol.

Is there any way i can tell if the names are really being used or if i just need to retype them for the new merged servers? And do i have any options to help me not lose the names i've had since before launch?