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- Entrench - 1 min CD, talented 45 seconds, but I know few people that get it (I get it because it pisses people off!)
- Debilitate - It's melee, big deal. Talented to 30 seconds in Lethality, noone likes it.
- Flashbang - Talented to 45 seconds, Noone gets it, but I do (See entrench >)
- Leg Shot - 15 seconds, talented to 12, but noone gets that, not even myself!
- Shield probe - 12 second duration, 2k heal ish (aka not a lot), 45 sec cd, talented to 30 in the tree noone likes.
- Evasion - lasts 4 seconds w/ set bonus that noone gets
- Ballistic shield - Talented to 2 min 30 sec in the eng tree noone likes.
- Cover Pulse - talented to 25 sec in the tree noone likes
- Shatter Shot - Big deal? This is more of an offensive cd than a defensive cd. Sents get trauma too, but ofc since you play one you can't whine about nerfing them.
- Ambush knockback - CORRECT DESCRIPTION

Small gripes, but seriously snipers are totally fine, they're a pure DPS class, so they need survivability just like sentinels and marauders, too, not to mention the useful utility that they bring.

You also forgot:
- Diversion - MM only, takes target out of cover and cannot enter cover for 6 seconds, 9 seconds of 45% accuracy buff (Melee, Ranged, Force, and Tech) - Great counter to LOLHULKSMASH
- EMP Discharge - Eng only, can only be used on a target affected by your DoT that should always be on someone, 60m range, does not requre LoS, ****** damage, resets cd on shield probe. Combined with the 30% bonus to shield probe, this is a good 5k healing, which is nice.
- Ballistic Dampeners - 3 stacks for 30% damage reduction, cannot be used once more than every 1.5seconds, cannot be gained once more than every 6 seconds, Tier two MM tree
- Cover Screen - 20% ranged defense for 6 seconds after leaving cover, cannot be gained once more than every 6 seconds, will not stay on after you enter cover, so it does not stack with cover's dodge chance.

Personally, my Eng sniper's pvp build maxes survivability, since damage is mostly burst and Aoe padding... I have every defense snipers can have except Hold your Ground up in lethal, and Diversion from MM
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