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Speak for yourself. Our roster is nearly the same as before when we pulled out World Firsts. Granted, this time around we don't have the luxury of raiding on a weekend- one can still say that 16man is far more difficult than 8man. We are not a B team at all or close to it. Seeing guilds clear all the content in 8man while we're still putting in attempts on tanks just shows that 8man is definitely easier. Again, this is coming from a guild that had top progression in TFB. I am not saying 8man is extremely easy- only that it is undertuned. If you're only putting in 2-3 attempts per fight in order to do it on its hardest difficult- its undertuned.
The thing is the fights are not radically different, and the new mechanics are not OMGWTF hard but do require every single member of the raid to be on point, and for the overall raid be clean with the kill. I will admit from a mathematical/statistical point of view that you're more likely to get someone messing something up when you increase the number of people in the raid, but does it really make the content harder, does it mean there need to be special awards and such for people doing 16 man? They already have lower the dps check on the fights on 16 man, to allow people to loose a bit of their uptime to adjust to more movement in the fights, what else do you want them to do?

On a sidenote, i dont mean to offend anyone with my posts, but every new raid we get these same damn threads about 16 man being so much harder then 8 man, and how they should be given special treatment because of it. Also if you want to look at how many 8 man guilds that are attempting NIM EC to 16 man guilds, i am sure you will find the success rate to be about right (based on the logic that more people doing something, more likely someone will do it right).

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Say whatever you want, but i want to see players that can clear 8 man with relative ease go into 16 man and faceroll through it. The raid team that we have has very good players and have no problem going through 8 man. It's been said by all the 16 man groups: 8 man is too easy and it can be seen in every instance.
Most 8 man guilds dont have 16 "A" players, and dont want to go through the trouble of finding them in this game where it is hard enough to find 8 decent players to fill out a raid. To be honest i almost joined a 16 man guild a few weeks ago, but i decided not to, because i would've ended up switching roles, and i didnt like the idea of me having to trust the ability of 15 other players in a game that is very casual.