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You ever take the time to think that the people in those 8 man raids played better as a raid group then your 16 man raid? It has already been proven that the dps checks in 16 man raids are lower then 8 man, i imagine the hps that are needed on a clean run (if alot of people taking extra damage then yes you will need more heals on 16 man) are less then what is needed on 8 man.

There use to be quite a few good 16 man guilds out there, but the majority of them left the game due to the easiness of it. I imagine that a great amount of what is left of 16 man guild's rosters are players that would most likely be on a B team, and not a progression.
Say whatever you want, but i want to see players that can clear 8 man with relative ease go into 16 man and faceroll through it. The raid team that we have has very good players and have no problem going through 8 man. It's been said by all the 16 man groups: 8 man is too easy and it can be seen in every instance.
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