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All of you people saying that a scrapper's role is lockdown, what about the a shadow/assassin? They can do the EXACT same things, only better, and with some of the best defensive CDs in the game (apart from sentinels). Apart from this shadows/assassins generally can pull much higher numbers then a scrapper. A scrapper/concealment operative has no role in PvP that a shadow/assassin can't do better, plain and simple.

The moment someone can prove to me that a scrapper scoundrel/concealment operative can beat out a assassin/shadow in a role is the day I eat my hat, because they can't, plain and simple

Also on a sidenote.. ANY DPS class can take a player out of the game.. a sentinel who constantly targets a healer takes that healer out of the game just as a scrapper would, the only difference is a sentinel has an easier time killing said healer

(And just in case you guys wonder, I have been playing a scrapper scoundrel in PvP/PvE, as well as a dirty fighting scoundrel in PvE mainly, with some PvP (Which its downright terrible in), since early access, so I know the class inside and out, and I have plenty of experience with other classes as well)

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Seriously, Stop right there.

1. Lethality dots are NOT cleanseable.

2. - Refer to Lingering Toxin in the lethality skill tree.

You might want to go back and relearn your class because you obviously don't know it as well as you think. Irony is I've never tried any spec other than concealment and I know more about the off spec than you do.
*Sigh* Lethality/Dirty fighting DoTs are cleansable... when cleansed a MUCH MUCH weaker version of them takes their place, they can then be cured after the 6s CD is up for cleanse.. don't talk about stuff you don't know please

Next up, for all you clueless folks, the lethality/dirty fighting shared tree is extremely powerful as a SNIPER/GUNSLINGER in PvE, in PvP, not so much but its still far more viable then a scoundrel using dirty fighting/lethality in PvP/PvE. There are so many people talking out of their butts right now its not even funny, 95% of you don't have the slightest clue of what you are talking about when it comes to the scoundrel class and are adding absolutely nothing to this discussion, so please just stop.

The scrapper/concealment tree needs a buff in the DPS department DESPERATELY, the Lethality/Dirty fighting tree needs to be scrapped and re done completely, its ridiculously broken and extremely clunky, with mediocre DPS and terrible mechanics.