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Also here:

Creating interfaces...
WARNING: Slow RemoteRenderer connection (1.24 seconds)

That is time when HDD is hard going after huge pause while game starts. I suspect it can be something with sockets emulation or memory mapping emulation. However, I have biggest game's files on SSD + swap on SSD so not sure why HDD should go.

Any ideas what to check? Maybe different swap style? Windows "connects" exes or any other files to swap. They dont moved physically into, they just become part of memory space. So if game do same with that huge files, what will linux do ? Cache it in memory/swap? It can take time to load 20 Gb yes...
Try to switch off sound at all.
I'd use winecfg on a first try.
When there is a performance incrase, you know its the sound thingy.
What hardware do you have ?

I can be wrong, but out of experience ... the game isnt really playable with a dualcore processor.
I had one myself before, while i can say so only about AMD processors.
So if you got a dualcore under Linux, playing swtor with wine, it could really be bad, so that there may be not enuff ressources left for sound.
Now, on my octocore, wine scales over 4 cores and i have ~50 fps.
Nevertheless, the game performs ofcause mutch better on Windows *sight*