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11.18.2012 , 10:28 AM | #18
About sound guys. It's bad :/ Well, I have 3 detected devices,

1. on nvidia
2. integrated on mb
3. wireless usb dongle

With usb ALSA fails that it has not enough data in stream, I decided that it is hardware caching problem and just use integrated while play, all others are disabled. However it still lose sound, mostly when I do alt+tab while loading. Quick fix is alt+tab to anything, connect/disconnect dongle and sounds back on embedded.

Have no idea why I'm 3rd week on Linux only.

About graphics - I was using on Windows low-medium, so having same on Linux is enough for me
Also I have steady sound lost doing Void Star + lags during and after that. So now I just leave this WZ immediatlly, i suspect same bug/leak as with map markers.
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