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When I asked why a tank VG once ran through a fire in huttball without losing very much health, about 15%, he said an adrenal + reactive shield would stop it.....last I checked cybertech grenades didnt let you live through fires
my commando and vg have always been able to run through fires sans adrenals. I just popped reactive shield + adrenaline rush. most teams are smart enough to stun a person at the point, however. anyway, I was getting through with 50-70% health. in any case, there's plenty of dps in wz's. we don't need to bring back adrenals and/or on use relics. however, it's bs that biochems can't craft a reuseable top of the line stim. it's not a competitive advantage, but gimme a break. it's part of the design of the game. armorers get free aug slots and the abil to create aug kits, cybers get reusable grenades, biochems get...outdated reusuable stims.
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