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Yeah Sir, the problem is, there is no other solution yet, then a precompiled wine.
Nobody can expect from a one week Linux user, to raid the sources.

The "right" solution arrives, when the wine coders fixed the user_shared_data thingy in wine itself.
Then it will run out of the box ^^
This may need some weeks more.

I am not using Suse, im on Fedora.
Why doesnt it run from source in suse ?
I mean, Suse is certified at all ^^
I think the problem is something else. The real way to get to the bottom of it is to build 1.5.1 with the KUSER patch then we'll know for sure that version 1.5.1 works for me but 1.5.6< do not. I am starting to think this has to do with a sound issue because when I would launch it with 1.5.6+ it goes black and I hear the music from the char select screen for about 2 seconds then nothing. With 1.5.1 I have audio corruption as well but it doesn’t hang.. so perhaps my sound card can't handle whatever it's throwing at it.. not sure. I may try to find ways to speed up the audio system and see if that helps.