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I agree we want to improve vanilla but unless we actually have the necessary skills to do so it's useless and Wine won't accept bug reports when using 3rd party patches so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to cut down solutions like this for people who fall into that category. This is EASY & it WORKS, end of story.
Because of the mising skills, i wrote some basics.
It was not meant, to offend anyone or to question other people's solutions.
You gotto agree, when you read "you have to install all vcrun..." well, there is not mutch knowledge behind and the whole thing is confusing enuff anyways, no need to spread additional half-knowledge, even if everyone apriciates the effort, to offer a way to make it work.

Quoting myself, in case it was overseen ...
Ofcause you can use something like a "wine-swtor" but it is not recommended because in best case it is "compatible", but far from "good" or "optimal".
We are haircutting, let end it now.