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I am sorry but when it doesnt work for you, then ill take it as a distribution related problem.
"Official" solutions are based on standard Linux conventions, means it works on every Linux, distribution independend.
Using a patched version of wine is the common way to go and it is not rediculous to suggest the right things.
I never said, using a PlayOnLinux method is wrong. Read again.
1.5.6 that is shipped with Suse and 1.5.17 both failed, both recompiled with the patch you suggested both with and without suse's patches applied to the source. I haven't tried building 1.5.1 yet. I think there is a regression that causes a crash on the server selection screen. (and no, renaming the loading screen and icon do not fix it) Those builds of wine DO work with League of Legends and I even got the LoL store working with 1.5.17 (normally it will not under wine) so.. the builds are good but I dunno what to say about SWTOR here..

I agree we want to improve vanilla but unless we actually have the necessary skills to do so it's useless and Wine won't accept bug reports when using 3rd party patches so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to cut down solutions like this for people who fall into that category. This is EASY & it WORKS, end of story.