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Well no, because even with a patched 1.5.17 it wouldn't work for me.. and I see tons of posts on WineHQ thread showing others with the exact same problems I had. There is a regression somewhere in the newer sources. PlayOnLinux method actually works and you don't need to compile or patch anything. Not that building from scratch is an issue for an old *nix hack like me but it is for a lot of ppl I'm sure.

It's ridiculous to suggest people only use the "official" WineHQ solution when you yourself are using a patched version of wine.

For openSUSE 12.2 this was an extremely easy guide to follow and he deserves credit for posting it.
I am sorry but when it doesnt work for you, then ill take it as a distribution related problem.
"Official" solutions are based on standard Linux conventions, means it works on every Linux, distribution independend.
Using a patched version of wine is the common way to go and it is not rediculous to suggest the right things.
I never said, using a PlayOnLinux method is wrong. Read again.