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11.18.2012 , 07:57 AM | #8
Well no, because even with a patched 1.5.17 it wouldn't work for me.. and I see tons of posts on WineHQ thread showing others with the exact same problems I had. There is a regression somewhere in the newer sources. PlayOnLinux method actually works and you don't need to compile or patch anything. Not that building from scratch is an issue for an old *nix hack like me but it is for a lot of ppl I'm sure.

It's ridiculous to suggest people only use the "official" WineHQ solution when you yourself are using a patched version of wine. It's contradictory unless your using vanilla and by suggesting it your throwing people down a rabbit hole that may not work for them when they only want to play the game. If your a programer who can actually fix it then it makes sense to work on fixing vanilla.

For openSUSE 12.2 this was an extremely easy guide to follow and alexzk deserves credit for posting it.