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There is a lot things not exacly clear, so let clear em up.

1. Wine cannot be used out of the box to run SWTOR.
You have to compile wine out of the sources and before you need to patch the sources with the user_shared_data patch.
All needed information and the patch for the sources can be found here:

2. 32/64 bit
If yo use a 32bit Linux, you are fine as is, you can compile a recommended 32bit wine executable.
For 64bit systems you want the 32bit #includes, look here to get a 32bit wine executable.

3. Additional requirements
winetricks is your friend.
Install it either from your software centers or get it from its page here:
Save it to /usr/local/bin or whatever exec-path you have. When you made it executable, just call it from bash.
SWTOR will need vcrun2008 and the native d3dx9 overrides.

As a personal suggestion, please only stick to the "official" solutions, in this case from the wine headquarter site.
Dont use things like PlayOnLinux or Crossover, simple because if you dont know, what you did before, you for sure lose entire control with such tools.
When you know, what you do, then you know, you cannot use them due to the missing wine-patch for SWTOR.
Ofcause you can use something like a "wine-swtor" but it is not recommended because in best case it is "compatible", but far from "good" or "optimal".

Finally, it works.
It works good enuff for PvE actually, even if it is somewhat clunky sometimes.
Working with a WinXP_SP3 prefix should give wine the ability, to scale your gfx-memory somewhat better.
My own tests show no difference, but who am i anyways ..

There is still a problem remaining, using a single POI type from the map, the one that shows the circles when you have to kill a number of mobs. The game grashes then but i expect a solution coming up in the time to come by.

enjoy ^^

The wine performance suggestions by alexzk before here, take place, when it works.
You need to make it work "conventionally" before you improve it.
Its a huge performance boost ^^