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11.18.2012 , 06:52 AM | #6
This is wonderful. Seems to work pretty well. I tried the WineHQ route for about 3 days and ended up crashing upon char select screen every time so you may want to get this info out there.. however you can't submit test results using a patched version of wine.

One thing I noticed is I don't see a huge difference between max settings and minimum settings.. there is some but not as bad as you would think so there may be some element that wine is having trouble with.. but other elements it's just fine.

As you tune it for performance can you tell us what graphical settings affect performance extraordinary bad in wine and what ones do not? I'm also having trouble with sound, occasionally it goes into "stuttering bit mode" on me.

Overall awesome tho, I think this is playable.

Oh also in your guide I had some trouble understanding what you meant by "game itself" I see that you made a new process in PlayOnLinux and then added the augments to that.. at first I didn't understand how to do that though as I've never used PlayOnLinux before.