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11.18.2012 , 02:28 AM | #16
I guess, problem is resolve system, yeah it works but in reality and especially in ranked everyteam has bubble stun sorcerer and almost every player use those stun grenades and result is game is not smooth. Ppl are more stunned then they do something. Sometimes no fun for me. Its like streaming video from youtube with bad internet connection or lags versus to watch blueray disk :P

Stuns are in the game to have some situational advantage. For example sorcerer healer stuns some1, run away and heals up while oppent is stunned, so when i started this game i couldnt understand why every class have 2 stuns. And now bubbles and grenades. So every class have 4 stuns in ranked.

Solution for resolve? I would love they could just change one thing. When i am stunned i cannot receive damage. Thats all. Its all moght be about advantage. When stunned ppl couldnt receive damage during stun is active ppl wouldn't stun so much because it would be useless and damage dealing decrease. So they rly would use stun only for advantage to gain some time to cap turret or so. But stunned guy would stay there with full hp and they coudlnt kill him while is stunned.

What do you think?