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11.18.2012 , 12:21 AM | #13
anyone can use them, but like biochem, only a cybertech can reuse them. I'm not sure why they nerfed biochem. there's no reason biochems shouldn't be ablt to reuse a special exotech stim just as they can rakata. it's not a nunbers advantage. it's a money saving thing. and every craft benefits the crafter on the gtn...and very little anywhere else.

anyway, there is too much cc. grenades aren't in themselves a problem. but they are cc, and all the cc is a problem. my gawd, get rid of something...or re-fix resolve.

I wanna know who on earth ever complained that there was too little CC in the game that would cause BW to tweak the resolve so that you get appreciably MORE cc. oye!
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