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11.17.2012 , 02:56 PM | #90
So basically its another "pay us now wall" you hit, how do they expect us to try out the classes and find one we like to make us invest your time and money into it? Making two characters and playing through their origin worlds or beyond then deleting them to make two new ones that are different classes seems like a waste. The cap should be four not two characters. Granted there's 8 classes in all but each one is basically a copy of the other across the two factions. The key to successfully having a F2P system is to lure the customer into wanting to invest not handicapping them to frustrate the customer into paying money. It's the whole point for demos to come out before certain games release, you try it before you buy it. How can you try all of the classes out if you can only make 2 at a time.

If these new servers they have are so good why are the character slots so limited? They went from 20+ from launch and now 8. If these are "mega servers" they don't seem all that mega to me.