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Kephass: WTH ... There's some Doomed Lemmings gathering into my domain! Someone care to explain what THEY are doing here?!

Colonel Vorgath: *while grunting and panting* Don't look at me, can't you see I'm about to be tagged as DoA'ed!

Kephass: Firebrand! Stormcaller! I thought you guys had new and improved repairs done to up your tankiness?

Firebrand: We did! We stopped the first Ascension wave mostly...
Stormcaller: ... but then another wave came in! You never said anything about facing two waves of them!

Kephass: TOTH!
*more crickets*
*more crickets followed by a Kephass sigh*
Kephass: Anyone want to tell me WTH Toth and Zorn are. They were suppose to be guarding the gates in the first place.

Colonel Vorgath: Um, Boss... apparently they are special guests at a party and can't perform their duties at the present moment.

Kephass: Was that intended to be some kind of a joke?! They are suppose to be throwing ROCKS at anyone that dares to show their faces here! That is their purpose. I will not listen to this foul nonsense. Who said they could attend a party! Do you have any kind of proof to support your claim?!

Firebrand: *coughs uncomfortably*
Stormcaller: Just give the picture to him, Firebrand. We'll find some other blackmail material to use.
Firebrand: Fine... transmitting! <----Click Here to Receive Transmission.


Sounds like a lot of folks were having fun terrorizing NiM EC last night! Those poor bastards *coughs* uh I mean bosses didn't see what was coming when they messed with Begeren Colony server. I wouldn't of wanted to be them. :P

Grats on the kills guys and girls!
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