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11.17.2012 , 12:17 PM | #27
I agree with OP. It is in fact one of the main reason I rolled a sage for dps when I already had a sorcerer.

- Pebbles are much less visible.
- The new Project animation makes it impossible to tell where it's coming from.
- Even Mind Crush is more difficult to detect compared to Crushing Darkness. When I get hit with CD and hear those big thumps it does for sound effect, I instinctively go for the Purge keybind.
- Heck, even for Forcequake it's harder to see the caster than it is a floating sorcerer, surrounded in lightning.

Then I realized playing on the pub side was terrible and I couldn't do it any more so I went back to dark side -- and while it is easier to win, I miss being better hidden as a sage.
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