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Quote: Originally Posted by FourTwent View Post
i think it's 7 dollars a month to just PVP with the weekly passes. that's only 2 dollars more than you're 'willing to pay'
Read the 3rd post in this thread...

Quote: Originally Posted by Groncho View Post
Yesterday i had dinner. I spent almost 45 usd on it. Didn'y bought wine tho.
Suscription is 0.5 USD per day to have full stuff
I know u are complaining because with 0.5 USD u can buy those yummy candies u love.
Lol even here in Argentina u can't even get a bus for 0.5 usd cents

Good for you.

Anyway, I give up. I'm off to PvP in other games with my monthly budget. I'm a casual gamer who plays maybe 5 or 6 different games, sadly SWTOR isnt good enough value for it to be included at present and I doubt I'm the only one who thinks like that.