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This is my last reply to you, since it is hard to reason with someone, who doesn't know the class specs and yet pose like expert. (how do you call such ppl?) .......
Indeed, you put a DoT on someone, deliberately spec for extra long DoT time then say it messes with your CC in a WZ therefore the CC is not useable for your spec.

A CC will also interrupt an uninterruptable attack even if its broken by a dot straight away.

It's the same for all DoT classes, sorcs, assassins, pyro anything, CC before the fight then attack who you want.

Their DoTs are as long as yours AND if extra long DoTs are gimping you in a WZ it's free to respec these days so you don't take the talent which doubles their length. It's not as if having a weak DoT for 30 seconds is going to really kill someone in the burst happy world of pvp.

Yes, sleep dart is situational, so is all CC but it's excellent when it comes to solo defense and slowing down enemy players, especially key ones without actually having to fight them.

Also your statistics lie which is a different thing.

Out of 800 players (who may be players counted multiple times) you count for 100, you don't exist?