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Sabrina summoned the slicer, she was still nursing a blaster wound but it was healing okay. Here is some bank details, I want you to clean them out and put them into my account. Though I want you to use what you know of the sis, to make it look like they did it. Can you do that, for me. Slicer checked the details, this was no trivial task, it was sentor level bank accounts. Though he could do it, but it take awhile. Espicialy since he had make it look like, sis did it. Yes my lord I can, but I would need a week or two do it. If you don`t wish to have your finger print`s on it. Sabrina smiled, and then made a guesture that he got on with it. The slicer then left.
Sabrina let the med droid, carry on tending to her wound. While she waited for Captain markus report, on the scans of mustafar. She would also need wait to see if the slicer was succesful, before she could purchase her new ship. She also need to know what the empire wanted her to do, as war was now apon us. She sent an urgent message to Darth Vergas, requesting what she could do to help. Her power play could wait for a little while, the empire came first