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11.16.2012 , 08:25 PM | #81
ok. how bad are ranked queues right now? the top guild on my server has recently recruited about 3 teams worth of players (including their sister guild). I tried to get an 8v8 going. not enough interest. they came back at me to get the 8v8 going (tired of an empty Q!). so me and about 5 of my guildies plus those of them that are willing to do it just to do *something* - we STILL CAN'T GET ENOUGH PPL FOR 2 TEAMS. (the 16th man decided he didn't wanna do it, and it all fell apart). ****! I know this is a PvE server, but this is getting ridiculous.

and the server population isn't the problem. the server was full. multiple instances of fleet. oye.
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