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Quote: Originally Posted by Kerensk View Post
So what you hate is good strategy?

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess you're a Sentinel or Marauder?
Well play a few games as a ranged AoE like a Merc/Commando or DPS sorc/sage then come back and tell us which of our few beneficial abilities you want to take away.
lmao. I never said to remove the abilities. I said it's shameful that certain Warzones cater too much to certain abilities.

Second, continually using the same ability is indeed a strategy, but it's not exactly tactical. It's like mashing "Low Kick" in a fighter game. Sure you can beat someone down with that strategy, but you're still just mashing the "b" button repeatedly the whole match.

Third, I rolled a Trooper pre 1.2 and it was one of the easiest medal farming experiences I've ever encountered. Paint an area with your target marker, sit back and reap the rewards; all while playing towards the objective by preventing caps. It's low risk/ high reward playstyle.

I'm just saying, I know for a fact (by your tone) you'd be the first person complaining if there was a Warzone that catered to Warrior Smash. Like if you had to protect an object from attack, and Warriors could just spam Smash for instant victory.