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You do it on one character to unlock him. On any other character you have to spend the 1 mil creds or 350 cartel coins. You have to hit Y to go to your legacy window. Character perks will have Advancement, Companion, Travel and Convenience. He will be under companions of course, at the bottom of the list and if available on the icon will be the small symbol for credit/cart coin.

I was also wondering about the gear downscaling too. But with there being 1 or 2 bugged things about HK51 its hard to say. His stats display is bugged, his HUD portrait has an error message, and his gear is red and says level 50. I claimed him on two low level toons, but on the first one i unequipped all his gear, the second toon i left the gear on. The equipped HK does pull out his sniper rifle, and the unequipped one runs up to targets and starts punching them. But one working part and a couple of other bugged parts isnt enough proof for me that it is fully working as intended.
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