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Let me tell you, as Lethality, I have 2 CC (4sec stun 4m debilitate - knife attack) and 10m 8sec stun flashbang grenade, is this 'so many CC'?? Escapes, - i have 'hide' ability on 3min cooldown, easily broken by an AoE.
Sleep dart fallen off your quickbar?

Thats 1 cc that can screw with anyone not too close to their team.

One that can cripple a group at a distance while your team takes on one at a time or gets on with something else. And a straightforward stun.

Being stealthed at the start allows use of Sleep Dart and you've already escaped while still hindering an enemy.

The in-combat stealth is the other escape.

So yeah, that is a fair bit, you would like to say it's not?

So what did I say:

Operatives have so many CCs and escapes its disgustingly useful for staying alive as a healer in a WZ or just controlling the enemy team.
When I referred to mercs:

Everyone and their dog knows mercs are at the bottom of the wz usefulness list but you still find every type being played.

Bodyguard is ok but its not amazingly more useful than Pyro and Pyro is only a bit better than Arsenal. Ultimately they all have the same crap 2 tools to mess with other players which is the core issue with them.
I was not referring to the class but the class distribution which is much flatter because there IS no shining light in that tunnel.

You made a thread complaining about the stacking of operatives in certain branches, they are stacked in the healing branch because, yes the healing branch plus all the CC and escapes is entirely the best healing class in the game for pvp.

If you understood that then you'll note I agree that not enough operatives play DPS.

But I see it the other way round.

I don't think the DPS trees are crap, I think the healing tree is just so much more powerful in the WZ.