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How about you read the post you're attacking. Then read what it was quoting and replying to.
I did not attack anyone - firstly you, agreed with the post from missandei, which is on border of ridiculousness, then you say (cite) "Operatives have so many CCs and escapes ..." which is about same funny.
Let me tell you, as Lethality, I have 2 CC (4sec stun 4m debilitate - knife attack) and 10m 8sec stun flashbang grenade, is this 'so many CC'?? Escapes, - i have 'hide' ability on 3min cooldown, easily broken by an AoE. Ridiculous
Concealment has same stuns, only have better 'hide' cooldown and one more hiding ability. Otherwise nothing. I dunno where people still gather info about Operatives?? On QQ posts on forums? Btw where/when did you see QQ post about stealthy Operatives??
BW need to address this.
Lethality is R.I.P. and Concealment Ops is close to it.