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11.16.2012 , 06:12 AM | #21
I like how people post that under rare and extreme circumstances, an OP dps tops the dps charts. Terrible commandos can do that too.

Im in mostly champion (lol) gear. I got into a game with a bunch of wh guys against of scrub 50s. I got spam healed, never died. I topped damage.
Obviously we need to nerf Ops.

Im not saying conceal dps is terrible (well, sustained isn't great...), but our overall utility is just so meh. Sure, we can lock one target pretty well. But even if that's a healer, why not bring another lolsmash instead? One smash can do our opener on 5 people at once. And they don't need to wait 9 and than 1:30 to do it twice more. We can mez a number of people at once. Thank goodness there is no AoE or dots out.
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