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11.14.2012 , 11:22 PM | #113
quite sure the galactic empire we know from the old movies will only be sort of a sidekick
i got a couple of ideas how it could be:

- the rebel alliance got extremely powerful over the years which caused a "war-h0rnyness" of the current mandalore(big war on who got the longest -- ship in the universe)
- something with evil "force ghosts" where im hoping for some ol' sith from the kotor storylines

- return of the rakata? (kinda cool imo) also i think the purebloods will be involved in the new movies

- gangnam style

i realized tho that the new writer aint had nothin to do with star wars in the past, which lowers the chance of stuff we already know from kotor/books

maybe its gonna be whole new stuff