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thats all you took away from that?

yes, you cannot interrupt an instant. casting while moving would still leave us vulnerable to interrupts, which is part of the problem with merc. as far as mobility, 6 of one, half a dozen of another, which is what i was refering to.

instant cast is the optimal solution here. merc has no mobility/limited mobility in its DPS specs. in both specs, it is woefully vulnerable to interrupts. instant cast tracer missile and power shot solves both of those problems, which will allow merc to put up a fight against the hordes of melee/hybrid melee players that are out there.

one change, and bioware could alleviate a lot of the headaches merc players have

edit: i just did rateds for the first time in a long time. enemy team was fully comprised of melee classes. absolutely nothing i could do against the endless chain of leaps, interrupts, roots, and crapload of CC. staying out of melee range is impossible, which make casting impossible without ensuring your imminent death
Honestly (and I'm not trying to bash you in any way), I think making tracer missile an instant cast is a terrible idea. Here is my reason why: every class in the game can have important casted abilities interrupted (minus ravage, but if you're smart you'll just stun or kb a ravage). Interrupting TM is a reward to smart players. I cannot tell you how many times I've been casting TM, and my target didn't even bother to interrupt it; they got what they deserved, I'll leave it at that. If someone interrupts TM we are, for the most part, shut down. But the thing is, other classes can be shut down too. If you stun/knockback a carnage mara who just used gore, they're screwed. I'm not looking to make our class OP, I'm only looking for us to be on par with the other classes. But, I can agree with an instant cast power shot, and here's why: pyrotech. Pyrotech pyrotech pyrotech. It is very obvious that Arsenal has problems mobility wise, but it is also obvious that merc pyros are lacking the burst our pyro pt brothers have. Making powershot instant cast would give pyro mercs an instant ability to proc super heated rail, and add mobility to both specs. For this reason, I would recommend replacing the first tier pyrotech skill that increases alacrity (I can't remember the name of it, I'm on my phone) with a 2 point 1/2 second cast time reduction on powershot, making it instant cast. That way, both Arsenal and Pyrotechs have a chance to get that instant cast powershot, and would finally give pyrotechs a useful 1st tier talent besides the armor pen. for unload and rail shot. I play both dps specs, so I know that this would help both (I would also recommend improving the snare from cgc in the pyro tree). With this instant powershot, both specs can do damage on the run, and pyrotechs have an instant way of procing rs, bringing our burst more on par with pt's. It also benefits Arsenal mercs because if tracer missile gets interrupted, you can shoot off a couple powershots to proc barrage, and continue your damage. It seems I've gone on and on about this whole instant cast thing, so I just want to add that I fully support the addition of an escape ability, as it is much needed. Just my opinion, feel free to let me know what you think of it.
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