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I especially like this one. Aion had a system where you could get rank based on Abyss Points (their equivalent of Valor, basically) Could be either valor or rating based, but it would be nice to have the bragging rights of being a top rated PvPer.

I know valor does not equal skill, just sayin.
Exept that Abyss points in Aion are 95% obtained by PvE and people can feed someone in abyss points so the fed player never loose the ''rank'' aka Mortred Elyos templar Israphel server(banned), Authiel Elyos ranger Israphel server and Alaryl Asmodian Gladiator Israphel server( playing from Asia on NA server with an unstable ping higher than 200) Those 3 are(were) ranked 1rst in their respective factions

No PvP leaderboard> Aion's leaderboard

Also valor rank is by no mean similar to abyss points.

Valor=gained from WZs and pvp on Illum Abyss point= gained from any type of pvp AND mostly from pve.
Valor=die in open pvp,loose nothing AP= die in open pvp loose points based on your rank
So no,,,you dont want a leaderboard like Aion

and its better to base the ranking on...rating not valor

On topic, I'd like a planet where you have to go in the opposite faction territory to do some quest and where there is almost ZERO instenced safe pve zones

I would like open world pvp(daily) quest like kill X ennemie players that reward Valor/wz comms and maybe ranked comms for a weekly version of this.

1v1 arena

more maps for the actuals WZs and more WZs

CROSS SERVER QUEUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want more open world pvp, I'm on a pvp server after all (yes, I like to gank people)
Guarding a healer is not only the job the the skill ''guard''. It is also your job to stay around the healer to be a plague for the people attacking the healer.