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11.14.2012 , 08:36 PM | #64
Sorry Theo, what Doomsday is doing is absoluately fine. They're not queue dodging, they're not farming their fighting each other, and anyone that pops up to fight they will fight.

They didnt go oh hey its Guild X, they didnt run from them (from what the posts say), they fought them head on.

Thats what RWZ is all about.

You can complain about how these pro's are at fault, but if the people are that lazy in the first place to not apply the fortitude of trying then what USE is WZ to them, why even queue up to get your *** smoked, seriously, I mean if you come to WZ you should expect the worst and hope for the best.

But when you start blaming something all you going to do is whine and not improve.

I could whine a few hundred million things but I get on with the program, premade or no premade i face I will face them as I face anyone else (100% effort and spirit). Maybe others wont but they are the ones ruining SWTOR, people complain too much on forums and not trying.

This is not Bioware's fault, they cant fix lazy *** to do stuff if they dont want to. They could force people but then you blame Bioware for being pushy. So yea go ahead and blame DoomsdayComes for what they're doing but they're doing whats intended for RWZ, you're just endorsing people farming comms.