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All crafting professions have recipes that are useful while leveling, but these items peter out at endgame. The market and profitability for leveling gear is rather limited.

The orange shells available for Synthweaving or Armormech are not unique or highly desired. PvP orange schematics are moderately useful to craft (especially if tiers like Battlemaster get removed from the vendor), but there is not a lot of variance and the looks are easily obtaining with commendations currently. Campaign and Dread Guard shell schematics are ludicrously difficult to obtain, while the pieces themselves are not, so there is not much of a market there.
I make millions each week from selling lower level (under level 23) orange gear as an armormech. With F2P opening, and the influx of lower level players, the market is going to expand to the point where I will not be able to farm enough mats to keep up with the demand.