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Is this actually confirmed for reals, or is this a rumor? No X-server queues are pretty much the reason why I quit months ago. I only resubbed this month to get my cartel coins, and in the vague hope x-server was coming out soon.
From what I understand... it's not something they have the tech for or planned on doing so tech wasn't an issue. However with the high demand for it and the popularity of PvP in this game that they didn't expect. It is being worked on... on that same not though... I don't think they even know how long it will take if at all. It hasn't been mentioned since March, which is when they first started working on it.

With how careful they are about talking about things that they aren't 100% sure on... because of rated and 1.2 obviously. We're all left guessing as to whether it's even being worked on or if they found they can't get it done and just scrapped the project.