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1. I would like to see the skill tree give you more point once you reach level 10 there are quite a few skills that improve our chances that we have to give up on in order to complete a branch.
2. I agree with have a place where we can make changes to our characters look and maybe even change the name (willing to buy this with credits)
3. Reduce the light saber restrictions, any Jedi should be able to learn/use all of the lightsabers and even use two (maybe give us a seperate points (every 5 levels) to use on these types of skills.
4. If we have to go to most planets to get the Datacrons why not pick up a planet quest as well. some planet do not allow this.
5. in game email to any of our characters no matter what server they are on. If we want to give an alt some of the equipment we have found/won we should be able to.
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